Joe Antonetti is the Elite Agent of the Imperial Service Bureau. He doesn't seem to remember his title very well, though, and consistently refers to himself as 'Special Agent Joe Antonetti' - something which makes him seem very special.


Joe Antonetti was born somewhere on Kashyyyk. He aspired to be a bartender from an early age, going as far as inventing an barstool friend. At the ripe young age of 55, Joe left for the Intergalactic School of Bartending, the most prestigious bartending school in the galaxy. Two years later, he somehow ended up in a convent to be trained as a priest. After spending the next five years of his life completing his priest training, Joe then went off into the galaxy, assuming the position of bartender at the Blue Moon Cantina. This was the most important thing in Joe's life, because it led to him developing multiple relations which went on to help him in his later years. One of these was the director of the Imperial Service Bureau, who offered him a position as an elite agent of the bureau. Joe accepted, using his bartending and priest skills to blend in and collect information for the empire.

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