James Macedon in his mid-twenties on Bespin.

Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 1.75 meters
Weight Unknown

Born in 91 ABY, James Macedon was a member of the New Galactic Empire. From humble beginings on Bespin, he soon rose to the rank of Lord General in the NGE Army. He also became the celebrated Senator of Bespin and a competent Imperial Knight.


Early LifeEdit

James was born on the planet of Bespin in 91 ABY. He grew up as a Force-sensitive orphan on Cloud City, after being abandoned by his parents at a very young age. He lived among the streets until he was 12, often robbing tourists for food and money. When he was 12, he was adopted by a local businessman and his wife; Kyle and Lauren Macedon. They raised him well and enrolled him in school. James was a very bright student and excelled at critical thinking and politics. When he was 17 he enrolled in the New Galactic Empire Army Academy on Bespin.

A Better LifeEdit

2 years later (110 ABY), he graduated in the top 5% of his class and was awarded the rank of Lieutenant. His first assignment was as Security for the Senator of Bespin, Cody Eichel. James became a protégé to Cody, who taught him the ins and outs of politics. When Cody discovered that James was strong in the Force he revealed that he was a renegade Jedi Master. He offered to train James in the Force and to get him enrolled in the Imperial Knights as well.

In The Empire's ServiceEdit

The next ten years were hectic indeed. Juggling his military career, Imperial Knight training, and political shadowing became his life. In 120ABY he gained the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Imperial Army. He was also wrapping up his training with the Imperial Knights and was an adept Force user. Next, he turned his attention back to Bespin and became the Senatorial Aid for Senator Cody Eichel. James garnered many enemies when because he would often refuse bribes and other forms of corruption. He cared deeply for Bespin and was loyal to the Empire.

A Sinister PlotEdit

In 122 ABY he uncovered a massive plot of corruption when Cloud City was held hostage by a splinter cell of the NGE that had defected from the Empire. This group was called the Remaining True. They were attempting to return the Empire to its pre-BBY state and were killing anyone who opposed them. James was part of a task force that stopped a bombing at the Imperial Palace. James soon discovered Cody Eichel to be a leading member of the slinter cell. After a bloody war on Bespin, Cody and James faced off and James was forced to kill his mentor. Shortly afterward , James was awarded the rank of Lord General of the Imperial Army.