The Galactic Emperor or Empress is the title of the head of the New Galactic Empire. 

Powers and FunctionsEdit

(Taken from the Wookieepedia page: Galactic Emperor )

The Emperor/Empress is the Head of State, the head of government, and the commander of the Empire, and had absolute authority over the Imperial Military, the bureaucracy, and the entire Empire and sectors itself. The Emperor/Empress has sole power to appoint, dismiss, approve, and supervise the regional governors. The Emperor/Empress organizes and declares the budget, economy, taxes, and trade, controls and orders the Imperial Senate into session, dismisses it or disbands it from meeting at will, declares its agenda, and proposes, rejects, and initiates all Senatorial bills. They also controlled, supervised, and disbanded the Courts and had the final judicial say. Emperor/Empress can execute, imprison, exile, banish, or confiscate anyone or anything. The Emperor/Empress can also issue executive orders, and proclamations with the legal force of law in the Empire, even more powerful than those issued by the Senate. They also supervise, direct, appoint, and dismiss all officials in the government, and create, disband, supervise, and direct all governmental administrations, agencies, commissions, and boards.

Succession and List of Known Emperors/EmpressesEdit

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